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Education at Rising Stars Academy

The staff at Rising Stars Academy are dedicated and committed to excellence. The teachers care deeply about education and the hopes and dreams of every child entrusted to them. They are very conscious of the need to help the learners mature into well-balanced and happy learners. They strive to make learning a fun filled experience.

Our Facilities

We are a family based school with teachers & assistants, which are both dedicated in providing the best foundation for our children.

It is our passion, to help & encourage each child to individually achieve their full potential.

Our inviting playground is divided into age appropriate sections, allowing our children to enjoy nature while stimulating growth through play & of course making memories with their friends – teachers & assistants supervise the playground.

Rising stars boasts an in house sports coach that has put together an activity roster that aims to offer a range of sporting activities, to suit all interests and abilities, such as Netball and Soccer. We have a fantastic dance group and a talented choir. 

We emphasise the importance of teamwork and enthusiasm for the game, displaying good sportsmanship and respect for other teammates and competitors. We derive pleasure from our victories, but realise that we also learn from our mistakes.

Teamwork, dedication, hard work, respect, consideration and compassion for those less fortunate are some of the values we hold dear. Our learners are encouraged to develop thinking, problem solving and research skills and to reach their unique potential.

The staff at Rising Stars Academy are dedicated and committed to excellence. The teachers care deeply about education and the hopes and dreams of every child entrusted to them. They are very conscious of the need to help the kids mature into well-balanced human beings and also the need to make learning a fun filled experience.

Our Vision

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Every second Friday the school joins for an award ceremony. During the course of the year each child will receive a certificate & trophy. This is a fun filled morning which is thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Parents of the children who will be receiving the award will be notified during the course of the week, you are more than welcome to join us. If the parent is unable to attend no need to stress because the photos of the assembly will be uploaded on Facebook every Monday morning of all the achievers.

With regards to the curriculum, we have been following the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) as well as doing all our extra mural activities. We are pleased to say that the outcome of this program is very well received.

We are following new class timetables as prescribed by the Department of Education and this ensures that every academic area of the children will be developed holistically.

We are proud of the Rising Stars in the making and can definitely see improvement in all their academic achievements. It’s these extra class activities which we fit into our daily work schedule that positions us ahead of other educare centres.

The class time tables are available in the class so each parent can see what their child will be doing during the day, so please do not hesitate to ask if you would like to have a copy.

Sport is valued and has a high profile at Rising Stars Academy. P.E helps the child become fit, healthy and confident. The children enjoy soccer, tennis, dance, netball, athletics, and games. All children benefit from the skills of our in house coaches and qualified teachers.
Parents please note that school starts every day at 08:00. Punctuality instills good time keeping values which is beneficial through their life. Therefore it is imperative that they arrive at school on time.

Please ensure that learners attend school regularly and arrive at school on time, as we do not want the learners to lag behind and or have to catch up.

Rising Star Learners Shuttle

Shuttle indemnity form to be submitted with application forms

We offer shuttle services to our learners to and from school every day at an extra cost of R950 per month.

If the shuttle is only required only one way the cost is R750 per month.

External Learners Aftercare Shuttle

Shuttle service is also available for our external aftercare learners from their school to the Rising Stars aftercare and this is included in the aftercare price.

Click to download indemnity form

Our Aim

Learn to Love to Learn

To create a happy, caring. stimulating and secure environment for everyone in the school community.

To develop each child’s core values, self-esteem and respect for others.

To provide opportunities for the parents and the wider community to be inviolded as partners in the children’s education.

To provide opportunities for all children to engage in challenging learning tasks which develop their abilities.


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Location: 6 Circle Road, Sunridge, Table View, 7441

Telephone: 021-557 2776 or 021-557 3522

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School Hours: M-F: 8am - 6pm